About Us

Dlangtraining believes there is an athlete in each one of us, finding the right motivation can greatly improve your lifestyle and longevity of a productive life. We have been helping motivate countless others to be actively see results that last and allows you to become independent in taking control of your health and life..

Derrick Lang is certified and boasts years of experience. He boosted his resume spending 3 years to perfect his professional skills and knowledge at Premium HealthClub HOLMES PLACE, before striking off to becoming a independent owner. to leave a lasting impact he creates every session you receive to the highest standard. Moreover, the trainings are designed to fit your unique character and time demands. His model is catered specifically for all ages. Routines are fun, creative, rewarding, and safe. Whether you’re looking for motivation to become active, loose weight, build strength, body toning, stress relieve, or injury prevention, our training strategies are perfect.

Being a Elite Professional Athlete allows Derrick to stand out from the crowd. Using knowledge and techniques gained from working with Highly Skilled Elite Trainers during his career in various countries. He continues to take guidance from Celebrity trainers, and Olympic trainers to continue to evolve. Implementing skills acquired thru workouts with professional athletes, the youth and everyday people. Internationally showcasing his creativity and the versatility of working with different age groups, using fast-paced action trainings, muscle fatigue and exhaustion exercises achieved with slow moving exercises that removes the threat of injury while working your muscles to their limit. Helping you reach that limit in an effective manner to generate fast progress that can be sustained. This ultimately results in the most effective method of training.